Overview on funding opportunities. We distinguish between local, regional or international funding agencies. We list some significant funding for the different stages in a development process. The contacts to agencies on the right-hand side (Desktop) give you free advice.

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National funding Denmark

In Denmark, 1360 funds support different kinds of activities. We name some that might be relevant to you. For more details you can contact national offices that you find in the box to the right.

Independent Research Fund Danmark, DFF
Innovation Fund Denmark, different calls
Novo Nordisk Fonden (not for companies)
Danish National Research Foundation, for research institutions
The Danish National Research Foundation (DNRF) funds outstanding basic research of the highest international level at the frontiers of all research fields
Aim of the fund is to support science and development in the social and health field. They support projects for enhancement of the quality of life within the health sector.
They support research and pilot tests.
They support in form of loan to companies

Innovation Fund Denmark:
Innobooster programme
Hands-on Mikrofonden has three areas:
Green Tech, Food and AI/digitalisation

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National funding Germany

All national German funds can be found on


Find your program and search for details under the link. The following is an extract from BMWI brochure ‘Von der Idee zum Markterfolg’

The following programmes support the start-up phase
  • Exist
  • Invest
  • High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF)
  • Gründerwettbewerb Digitale Innovationen
Startups in SH can get advice and find events dedicated to startups under Startup.sh

The following programmes support competence building
  • go-Inno, go-Digital (SMV support for consulting, Innovation voucher)
  • Mittelstand 4.0 Kompetenzzentren
  • IT-Sicherheit in der Wirtschaft (IT safety in economy)
  • go-cluster
  • Digital Hub Initiative
  • German Accelerator

The following programmes support the prototype phase
  • Industrielle Gemeinschaftsforschung (IGF)
  • WIPANO (SMV Patent support)
  • Förderung digitaler Technologien

The following programmes support the market access phase
  • EAP-Kredit und Mezzanine
  • IGP
  • ZIM

Regional funding

Interreg A Deutschland Denmark
Interreg aims at enhancing cross-border collaboration by funding German-Danish projects in four focused subject areas that are essential to the region. Interreg 5a ends in 2020 and a new Interreg 6a programme will run from 2021-2027 and first calls are expected in spring 2022.

Regional funding Schleswig Holstein: Baltic Business Angels
Funding for startups (in German)

International funding

International funding

The EU funds research and development projects and projects that open up new markets. On the European Commission website specifically on financing and tendering, companies can find a wide range of information about the tendering process and business opportunities with the European Commission.

Horizon Europe
Most health-related funding is in pillar 2.
EU research should be strategic and solve an issue; the consortium should consist of a minimum of 3 different EU countries.

Regional funding for health
The EU’s regional policy seeks to reduce inequalities between Europe’s regions. This includes projects funding healthcare infrastructure, e-health, health coverage and health promotion programmes.

Funding for the EU’s health programme
The EU’s health programme co-financed projects improve human health and help EU countries develop innovative and sustainable health systems.

Innovative medicines initiative
Funding comes from the EU and the pharmaceutical industry. SMEs, academia, patient organisations, regulators and industry can get involved in projects.

Interreg Baltic Sea Region

Interreg North Sea Region

Interreg Öresund- Kattegat-Skagerak