We all know the antigen tests we undergo to determine whether we’re positive or negative for the Covid-19 virus. This is both an economic as well as an environmental burden. Companies that pay for testing their staff, would like a mobile and affordable Covid-19 screening device.

Experts in teams

A team of nine students at SDU in Sønderborg took up the challenge within their term project ‘Experts in teams’. Their supervisor Roana Melina de Oliveira Hansen proposed the project among others to the students, and they formed a team, dealing with all, for the project, necessary roles like management, project management, engineering, purchasing, budgeting, etc. The company AmiNIC was involved from the beginning and advised on the market and technical details.

The students worked for six months on the project and succeeded with a working prototype called ‘Breathalyzer’.

The technology used is based on a piezoelectric membrane coated with a solution that bounds gasses emitted in an infected person’s breath. The result is determined by measuring the change in its resonance frequency.

This device has great potential as it can be adapted to detect other molecules and diseases. The reusability of our Breathalyzer contradicts the increased usage of plastic in the medical industry, making it a potential alternative for rapid antigen tests.

The example demonstrates the power these student projects have, especially when a company helps to guide in a more market-driven way.